Ruby Gardner Records at Verkstad

Imagine a spirited, eleven-year-old girl. A girl who simply loves to sing, everywhere. She learns guitar songs, she plays the ukulele. When the chords are hard, she doesn’t give up; she keeps practicing and believing in herself. This week, a very excited Ruby Jean Gardner came to Verkstad to record two songs in her Poppop’s music studio. Over the course of two days, working alongside John, Ruby came to truly understand the power of both her own voice and the world of recorded music. Every Adele, every Judy Collins, every Joan Baez experienced a “first” recording session - that time when they realized that their voice was bigger than they ever imagined. These are Ruby’s first recorded songs.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

A few years back, I toured with a band as part of a film called Silence. The movie itself was silent; the actors performed their parts, while the musicians provided the music. The score was written by Jon Sampson, who also played upright bass for the production. I was a jack of all trades. I played rhythm guitar, a de-tuned zither, a trumpet played through a leslie speaker, djembe, cymbals and "The Duchamp"

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