The Swedish Legal System

Holding down the roof for you, the valued customer

For four years, The Swedish Legal System have been painstakingly crafting their unique brand of socialized music for you, the valued customer. Hailing from the pop paradise of Sweden, these brave men will tackle any song, any place, any time (as long as it's not too late; Björn has to be home by 9:00).

After each song is perfected, an accompanying video is produced for you, the valued customer. These have proven quite popular; The SLS are currently fielding multiple endorsement offers. In an effort to leave no customer unsatisfied, they plan on accepting all of them.

When not precisely coordinating their wardrobes, The SLS are active members of their local intramural speedwalking league. This keeps them in tremendous physical condition, which allows them to safely execute the stunts you see in their videos.

Should you, the valued customer, ever have any questions or suggestions for The Swedish Legal System, by all means feel free to send an email. Your correspondence will be treated like the valuable communication it is.