Lots of stuff, not enough wall? Hang it salon-style

Wouldn't it be swell if you could exhibit more of your cool stuff without pockmarking your walls with a Tommy gun's worth of holes just to figure out how to make it all fit?

Salon-style, in which art is hung vertically in a kind of Tetris configuration, solves half the problem. But what about those holes? Here's how to proceed:


The wall, ready and waiting


1. Measure the length and width of the area in which you'll be displaying your art, and mark that same area on your floor with blue painter's tape.

2. Gather up a nice variety of art. If you have a cat, grab him also; cats have marvelous eyes for detail.


Junior the cat says "yellow wall, yellow art"


4. When you've got it all figured out, all you need to do is transfer your composition to the wall. Take your time, measure carefully, and use a level. If you've got to set it aside for a bit, take a picture of your arrangement for later. Plus, cats like to have their picture taken.

Super-special tip: to keep your art straight after you hang it, press a ball of museum putty to the back of the piece, then push. no more crooked pictures...


Congratulations on your masterpiece! And the next time you invite a bunch of people over to sip wine and stare knowingly at your wall, remember: salon-style!