Doll Heads + Succulent Plants = Awesome

I collect objects that feel orphaned in some way; old dolls have become a special weakness.  But what to do with them, once adopted? Discard those nasty cloth bodies, repurpose the doll’s head, and voila! You now have a punk-looking new home for a baby succulent plant. Wouldn't this make a great housewarming gift? Nothing says "Welcome to the neighborhood!" like a baby head with plants for brains...

Begin by setting the (newly decapitated) doll head on a level countertop. In pen, draw a line around the top of the scalp. Make sure this line is even – and runs parallel to the countertop. Using a carpet knife, carefully cut along and below the pen line. Remove the top of the doll head.

With the same carpet knife, cut a notch in the back of the head base. This will provide drainage. Using any waterproof adhesive, apply a circle around the base of the doll head. Place the head in a small ceramic dish and press gently. Allow for drying, overnight.

Place gravel in the base of the doll head, then fill to the brim with potting soil. Plant up to three small succulents in your new planter.  Keep the plant in a sunny location (perhaps in a window facing your neighbors) and give it distilled water once weekly.

Creepy can be good!