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Anatomy of an album cover

Seattle musician Dick Rossetti and his band The Jilly Rizzo needed art for their release 3 Strike Mooser. I met with Dick to discuss ideas. He told me that he wanted something irreverent, fun and maybe even a little racy. That could mean a lot of things, so in an attempt to narrow that down a bit, I asked him what kind of album art he liked. Dick's taste is very broad, but he kept coming back to the classic Blue Note Records designs of the 50s and 60s. Which sent me to the internet for inspiration.

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Create a Fabulous Elsa Gown

Disney’s animated movie Frozen introduced many young girls to a dramatic character named Elsa. If you personally know a young girl who is wishing for an “Elsa” gown/costume, there are scores of helpful websites and blogs offering DIY instructions. With a bit of research, you’ll find the one that matches your sewing abilities and the type of dress for your Elsa.

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